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What does John mean to Sherlock. I can’t even imagine how important John is to Sherlock. 

I can’t even believe the people who gave us those scenes later said we’re nuts to think they’re in love, and left them separated but apparently happy about that.

Only their position of power makes us doubt ourselves. Why they changed direction we may never know, but they did change direction. There are a bunch of educated, intelligent people in the johnlock fandom, and we have allowed ourselves to doubt our own conclusions. I think it’s time we stopped that. The writers either chickened out, or their hand was forced to stop telling the story. We had no role in that. We were not wrong. I choose to stop being bullied into believing the obvious lie. They were telling the love story of John and Sherlock. End of. 

Oh I agree! It’s just amazing, whatever their reason for changing course, how they are able to lie so baldly (and expect to be believed!) after having been so clear.

To the point that Gatiss even now denies making his famous “desperately unspoken” statement in the Guardian about TPLOSH– but the journalist stands by the story and her quote.

They took a turn of 180 degrees with the story in s4, but that DOES NOT change everything that happened before the shitfest of January 2017. They were telling a love story, and their lies and dismissals don’t change that.

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